"Dva Myacha" sneakers

WORK: visualization of legendary Russian brand sneakers model 1965
SOFT: ZBrush, KeyShot, Shining 3d
DATES: September 2018

The silhouette of a model of one of the most popular Soviet shoe brands was visualized
for later use in other client projects.
To achieve the best result and prepare the basis for the future model, we used a professional Shining 3D Einscan Pro 3D scanner. The process of creating a realistic shoe model is described with more detail in the case of Diemme boots visualization. In this case, the principles and stages of creating the model were very similar: each detail of the model was recreated manually, including the seems and texture of all rubber elements of the sole and upper.
With all the products of the brand "Dva Myacha" as well as the addresses of retail stores
can be found on the website: www.dvamyacha.ru