Footbox shop design,
"Galery" mall

WORK: store design renovation and equipment ideas develop
SOFT: 3Ds Max, VRay, Google SketchUp
DATES: February - March 2016

The tasks of the agency were to propose new store design ideas, equipment upgrades, and optimization of the retail space. Within the framework of this store, ideas of equipment were proposed that are still used in many stores of the Footbox network.
The work of a graphic designer was proposed as a central image element - a rethinking of the legendary model Nike Mag from the movie "Back to the Future", made in the corporate colors of Footbox. The key idea in this exposition was the idea of a double perspective, which would visually almost hide the reception area (as viewed from the shopping center gallery).
The store was updated in the summer of 2016.

The range of the store can be found on the website: