Rural house project

IDEA: development of a game project in Revit and its
further implementation in Unity
DATES: February 2019 - July 2019
SOFT: Revit, Lumion

Imagine that modern Sherlock Holmes was tired of the bustle of the city and decided to retire to the countryside, away from the noise of roads in his own house. What would this house look like? Large or small? In what style? What would be inside? The main idea of this project is an attempt to answer these questions.
Previously, the project was drawn in Sketchup, then moved and built in Revit.
On the first floor, as usual, the main rooms and, of course, a historical room with a fireplace and two armchairs are located.
On the second floor - everything for a comfortable life and work, including an office with a file cabinet and a large computer table. Perhaps it's time to start using advanced technology, Sherlock.
This is a house in front (South facade).
Rendering and design style close to the book sketches.
Below is a small gallery with a few more pictures of the house.