21Shop store project,
Moscow, Atrium

WORK: store concept develop, visualization, equipment develop
SOFT: 3Ds Max, Corona, ZBrush, Google SketchUp | Layout, Photoshop
DATES: December 2018

An interesting project for creating and visualizing an image mini-store in the center of Moscow.
The total area is 13 m2. We have developed an idea of design, concepts, solutions for the optimal use of commercial space, developed commercial equipment; plans and technical detailing of the project.
From several options for the concept of the store, proposed by the agency, the idea of a large wardrobe was chosen. It served as a starting point for the development of design, equipment and the general stylistics of design using Soviet attributes.

Anchor brand "Запорожец", reading as "Zaporojec", wich made from yellow neon below, is the name of the Soviet car brand. "Добро" on T-Short, reading as "Dobro" means "All positive, good, useful".
At the request of the client, for the central area of the store was also developed a construction
for the accessories presentation.
Worked out the visualization of merchandising goods and image areas in the store.
The 21Shop store in the "Atrium" was opened at the end of December 2018.

You can get acquainted with the assortment and addresses of retail points of sale on the website: 21-shop.ru

Foto of opened store.