Footbox shop project, Nevskiy

WORK: planning solutions, store design and some equipment develop
SOFT: 3Ds Max, Corona, Autodesk Fusion 360, Google SketchUp | Layout
DATES: February 2019

If you arrived by train to St. Petersburg, left the Moscow railway station to the left and through Ligovsky Prospect turn out to Nevsky Prospekt, one of the first shop windows that will meet you will be the window of the Footbox shop. Footbox is one of the largest St. Petersburg shoe networks in the lifestyle category with a very rich history. Shops of this network are located in almost all large shopping centers of the city.

Street retail with such location in the heart of the city, imposes a great responsibility for many reasons. The agency's task was to offer design solutions that would stylistically combine existing equipment, emphasize the image component of the store, and bring new ideas to the existing concept.

In addition, the extra complexity was imposed by extremely tight deadlines both for the opening and for the development of the project. In less than a week, two versions of the store's design were developed and roposed.
In the process of work, borned the idea of using dotted bronze in the interior. The concept of image equipment in the central part of the store was developed, as well as a reception area that would stylistically combine equipment from different materials.
An important element in the overall style of the store was an open ceiling with lighting in the form of large geometric blocks (logo style). He also determined the shape of the central part of the equipment.
The third important block in the design of the store was the graphics, emphasizing the store belonging to a certain group of products and the target audience. The largest graphic element was proposed in the reception area: this is a design rethinking of one of the most famous silhouettes of the Nike brand - the AirForce model. Unfortunately, during the construction of the store for a number of technical reasons, this element had to be changed.
The same element was proposed as the basis of the wall pattern.
And the latest image block, which has already become an integral part of many Footbox stores, is a thin metal profile construction adapted to this store in combination with wooden elements. For the first time, the design of this furniture element was proposed by WellWall agency in the interior
of the Footbox store in "Gallery" mall.

The official opening of the store took place in early April 2019.

Foto from store opening party.