RunZone store project

RunZone store project

WORK: store concept and equipment develop, capacity calculation in pcs and SKU, interior and image zones design ideas
SOFT: 3Ds Max, Corona, ZBrush, Marvelous Designer, Google SketchUp | Layout, Photoshop, Illustrator
DATE: February - March 2019

Store located in the very center of St. Petersburg on Moskovsky Prospect. The tasks of the agency included the development of a running store with a large image component, taking into account the location. Additional requirements for the layout: the presence of a massage room, directors office, premises for the manufacture of insoles, shower, toilet and lounge zone. Also there should be a treadmill, two image zones, a selfie-zone, as well as the possibility of transforming a trading hall for lectures, awards and other events.
The design of the store, sales area and image areas based on brand book, logo and client wishes.
As a part of project, it was developed universal modified equipment and
calculated the capacity of the trading hall in units and SKU.
In connection with the binding of the range to the seasons the Agency team developed a universal wall equipment with removable panels and hinged elements that allow you to perform three important functions:

ability to use equipment for different product groups (shoes, clothes, accessories),

opens up unlimited opportunities for merchandising and display of goods,

it allows you to quickly create image zones for new models, branding, information about promotions, seasonal discounts, in other words – opens up a lot of space for imagination.

For all participants and stages of installation and design work, the WallWall agency has prepared the appropriate parts of detailing and recommendations: from visualization of the zoning of the trading hall to technical recommendations for commercial equipment for production (below some examples on Russian with naming of zones and equipment appointment).
The key elements of the store design were a massive suspended ceiling element made of oak, symbolizing the treadmill, as well as island equipment in support, also made of solid oak.
When developing the showcase, image zones and equipment, the main element
of the logo and the image of the treadmill was beaten.
text below is: "Running store"
At the request of the client, several versions of the selfie zone symbolizing the treadmill have been developed.
In order to emphasize the manufacturability of the store and the product being sold, the main store zones are equipped with monitors for playing thematic content. In addition, when conducting presentations with a large number of people, it becomes possible to broadcast video to all parts of the store.
Much attention is paid to the design of the reception area.

The official opening of the store RunZone took place in mid-April 2019. In the summer of the same year, it is planned to open the RunZone running club in the park next door.
Site and online store:

Foto of opened store.