Dva Myacha store project

Dva Myacha
store project

WORK: store design and equipment develop, planning solution, interior and image zones design ideas
SOFT: 3Ds Max, Corona, ZBrush, Marvelous Designer, Google SketchUp, Photoshop, Substance Painter
DATES: October – November 2018
HQ panorama

Dva Myacha – one of the most famous brand of shoes that came from the Soviet Union. The history of these sneakers begins in 1957 and is saturated with Soviet aesthetics. Models of these sneakers appeared in the most iconic Soviet films and cartoons of that time.

A few years ago, thanks to a team of entrepreneurs, the Dva Myacha brand gained a second life and the legendary Soviet vulcanized sneakers returned in the same quality using classic production technologies to the shelves of the most trending stores.

WellWall team was entrusted with the development of the project of the first flagship store Dva Myacha.
When working on a design project, many factors were taken into account, including The brand's historical heritage, color choices and style.
The showcase window designed as an art exhibition.
It was proposed to design the store's image areas using graffiti and historical mentions, which should also hint at the store belonging to an art object.
Especially for this project, the legendary sneaker model of the brand called 1965 was visualized.
You can read about the details of working on this 3D model in our other case here.

All product of the Dva Myacha brand as well you can found on the website: www.dvamyacha.ru