21Shop island store

WORK: Design develop, construction, inside space organization
SOFT: 3Ds Max, Corona, Google SketchUp | Layout
DATES: February 2019

Shopping centers impose a lot of restrictions on this format of retail outlets, therefore ergonomics, design and design require particularly careful study and knowledge of the specifics of this retail segment.
Within the framework of this project, the agency has developed and visualized the design of the island, the technical equipment, thought out the areas for the storage of goods, the exposition.
Developed several options of used materials, colors and specifications.
The interior of the island shop was worked out in a similar way and made recommendations for production.
At the request of the client it can be worked out capacity in SKU and units of the island (storage and presentation).

You can get acquainted with the assortment and addresses of retail outlets on the website: 21-shop.ru